Prof. Dr. Ing. Hans Joachim Poethke

The “Evolutionary Ecology” group has moved and is now located at Hubland/Campus Nord, Gebäude 32, Emil-Fischer-Str. 32, 97074 Würzburg.

phone: +49 931 31 82065 - email: 

Research Interest

  • Evolution of Life-History Strategies
  • Evolution of Dispersal Strategies
  • Influence of Dispersal on Population Survival and Community Structure


Curriculum Vitae

  • Since 1998    Prof. for Ecology and Head of the Field Station Fabrikschleichach, Univ. Würzburg
  • 1995             Habil. Thesis “Chances and Limits of Mathematic Modelling in Ecology”
  • 1989-1997    Research Assistant of A. Seitz (Dept. of Ecology, University Mainz)
  • 1988             Stay at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (Univ. Bielefeld)
  • 1982-1987    Research Assistant of H. Kaiser (Dept. of Ecology, RWTH Aachen)
  • 1982             PhD Thesis “ A Four-Phase Model of Traffic Flow on Highways”
  • 1977-1982    Research Assistant of A.E. Beylich (Shock-Wave Laboratory RWTH Aachen)
  • 1976             Diploma Thesis: Individual Based Simulation of Traffic Flow in Networks
  • 1969-1976    Study of Electrical Engeneering (RWTH Aachen, INSA Lyon)

Selected recent Publications (Google Scholar profile)

Poethke H. J.; Dytham C.; Hovestadt T., 2012. A metapopulation-paradox: partial improvement of habitat may reduce metapopulation persistence. American Naturalist 177: 792-799

Poethke H. J.; Weisser W. W.; Hovestadt T., 2010. Predator induced dispersal and the evolution of dispersal in temporally correlated environments. American Naturalist 175, 577–586

Kubisch A.; Hovestadt T.; Poethke H.-J., 2010. On the elasticity of range limits during periods of expansion. Ecology, 91, 3092 - 3099.

Bonte D.; Hovestadt T.; Poethke H.J., 2010. Evolution of dispersal polymorphism and local adaptation of dispersal distance in spatially structured landscapes. Oikos 119, 560-566.

Bonte D.; Hovestadt T.; Poethke H. J., 2008. Male-killing endosymbionts: influence of environmental conditions on persistence of host metapopulation. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2008, 8: 243.

Poethke H. J.; Pfenning B.; Hovestadt T., 2007. The relative contribution of individual and kin selection to the evolution of density-dependent dispersal rates. Evolutionary Ecology Research 9:41-50. [PDF]