Prof. Dr. Thomas Hovestadt

The “Evolutionary Ecology” group has moved and is now located at Hubland/Campus Nord, Gebäude 32, Emil-Fischer-Str. 32, 97074 Würzburg.

phone: +49 931 31 83083 - email:

Research Interest

  • Evolution of Movement and Dispersal Strategies
  • Spatially explicit models for population & community dynamics
  • Evolution of Life-History in Social Parasites


Curriculum Vitae

  • 2009-2012:  Senior scientist at the Museúm National d'Histoire Naturelle, CNRS UMR 7179, Brunoy, France
  • Since 2006    Senior Lecturer at Dept. of Animal Ecology and Tropical Biology
  • 2006             Habilitation “The evolution and ecology of dispersal”
  • 1998-2006    PostDoc at Field Station, Univ. Würzburg
  • 1997             PhD “Role of seed dispersal for the plant communities in the Comoé NP, Ivory Coast”; supervisor Prof. K.E. Linsenmair
  • 1988-1990    Government Report on Conservation Strategies
  • 1980-1987    Study of Biology in Würzburg, Tübingen and Duke University

I like to cycle, to cook and eat, and have a tendency to collect wine. I photograph and enjoy classical music!

Selected recent Publications (Google Scholar profile)

Hovestadt T.; Thomas J. A.; Mitesser O.; Elmes G. W.; Schoenrogge K., 2012. Opens external link in new windowUnexpected benefit of a social parasite for a key fitness component of its ant hosts. The American Naturalist 179, 110-123.

Benadi G.; Blüthgen N.; Hovestadt T.; Poethke H.-J., 2012. Opens external link in new windowPopulation dynamics of plant and pollinator communities: stability reconsidered. The American Naturalist 179, 157-268.

Poethke H.-J.; Gros A.; Hovestadt T., 2011. Opens external link in new windowThe ability of individuals to assess population density influences the evolution of emigration propensity and dispersal distance. Journal of Theoretical Biology 282, 93-99.

Fronhofer E. A.; Kubisch A.; Hovestadt T.; Poethke H.-J., 2011. Assortative mating counteracts the evolution of dispersal polymorphisms. Evolution 65, 2461-2469.

Thomas J. A.; Simcox D.; Hovestadt T., 2011. Evidence based conservation of butterflies. Journal of Insect Conservation, 15, 241-258.

Hovestadt T.; Kubisch A.; Poethke H.-J., 2010. Information processing in models for density-dependent emigration: A comparison. Ecological Modelling, 221, 405-410.

Gros A.; Poethke H. J.; Hovestadt T., 2009. Sex-specific spatio-temporal variability in reproductive success promotes the evolution of sex-biased dispersal. Theoretical Population Biology, 75, 13-18.